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Truck Mixers – 3 / 4 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 /12 Cubic

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6 cubic meter series concrete Truck Mixers

Quality for all requirements

Stetter  truck mixers  are  the  result  of experience  gained  over decades  accompanied  by  permanent  advancement  and optimization. They incorporate the know-how  from a production of more than 60,000 truck mixers which have proved to be reliable concrete mixer all over the world. Stetter truck mixers are characterized by low-maintenance  technology in a modern design, simple handling, cost minimizing in maintenance and service, efficiency and excellent cost effectiveness.

Mature Technology in Functional design

With Stetter truck mixers of the C and N version, the time spent on filling, discharging and cleaning is reduced to a minimum,thus you save time and money. Stetter truck mixers are available with mechanical or electronic control unit. Reliable drive components guarantee smooth operation. The truck mixers are available with a nominal volume of 6 to 10 m3   with slave engine or PTO driven.High Loading volume thanks to high water line Optimum drive characteristics thanks to a low center of gravity of the mixer Wear-resistant plates in feed hopper, discharge shell and swivel chute 5 mm mixing spirals in the main wear zones Stetter T-protect wear protection (30 x 8 mm) on the mixing spirals

Trailer Line

Truck mixer body and semi-trailer have been optimally coordinated to form  compact units guaranteeing a high loading volume, high payloads and optimum driving characteristics thanks to a low center of gravity. Stetter truck mixers of the Trailer Line are built in modular construction and can therefore be optimally adapted to the individual tractor unit. The semi-trailers are available as 2 or 3 axle versions with 9 or 10 tons technically permissible axle loads. They are state of the ar t and have features such as axles  retarded by disc-brakes and ABS, EBS  system, air suspension. Road stability system (RSS) upon request.

The truck mixers are available with a nominal volume of 10 m3.

Truck Mixers – Nimo

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Presenting the Nimo, the anytime,anywhere mixer. This revolutionary product is the only mixer which is permitted to transport concrete during daytime.

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This mixer is mountable on any truck with a wheelbase of 3200mm. This small mixer can move far quicker through the heavy traffic prevalent in cities.

Constant concreting!

Concrete on the go is a key factor today that has helped the RMC industry evolve. Transit mixers are the most visible among the range of 3 concreting equipment. But the common 6 m class Transit Mixers are not being allowed to ply inside city roads during the peak hours. It is because the Transit Mixers are offered on 16 tonner &higher capacity trucks which is classified as HCVs. 3 Schwing Stetter’s Nimo, a 3 m .

Transit Mixers mounted on a 10 tonner truck (with 8.25 X 20 tyres) comes under the LCV category. Thus enables a continous concreting. Nimo is also ideal for delivering small loads of concrete to sites where it is not economically viable to send a larger mixer. The small size also means that it can enter narrower roads to deliver concrete. So if you want a quick moving mixer that can deliver concrete anywhere, anytime, the Nimo is the product for you. Contact us in the numbers/email Ids given below or contact your Schwing Stetter representative for further details.