Concrete Trailer Pumps - RMC – SP 1200 / SP 1300 / SP 1400 / SP 1600

Concrete Trailer Pumps – RMC – SP 1200 / SP 1300 / SP 1400 / SP 1600

SCHWING Stetter group of companies found in 1930's,main manufacture mechanized concrete construction equipment . Today SCHWING Stetter is the world's pioneering manufacturer of concrete construction equipment such as Concrete Batching Plant , Concrete Pump & Concrete Truck Mixer.The Group has Manufacturing bases in 11 countries viz., Germany, USA, Austria, Brazil, India, China, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, France and Czech Republic. It has sales and service support offices in almost all the countries and enjoys an enviable market share.


The motor (Diesel or Electric) drives the axial piston pump via a flexible coupling. Due to automatic output adjustment optimum  utilization of the motor power, resulting in low energy   consumption at  differing   pumping   condition. Additionally the concrete flow can be manually  adjusted. The pump operates in a proven open circuit.

The  maximum   placing   output   and  the   pressure   are determined  by the construction sites. Between these two values automatic  adjustment  by  the governor   occurs maintaining  a  constant  output  depending on  the  power available from the installed drive motor.


The portable concrete pumps are assembled in the unit construction system.  The main assembly groups are: Frame, Power unit, Concrete pump kit, Control block, Hydraulic tank and Hopper with agitator.

The Frame & Axle 

The frame, in compact execution, is constructed from standard vehicle profiles. The pump is mounted on heavy duty single axle chassis with draw bar, pneumatic tyres and for travelling on construction sites at up to 25 km/hr.

Control System 

The fully hydraulic control system is integrated within the drive. The compact control block and minimal hydraulic lines makes the equipment reliable and durable. The differential cylinder has trouble free piston rings and automatic constant stroke maintenance. Both gate valves change independently so that even when full change over is prevented by foreign material or similar obstructions  in the concrete, the pump continues to operate without problems. All components are especially developed and manufactured to withstand the rough treatment on construction sites.

Control Housing

Ideal flow conditions in the control housing resulting in superior placing proper ties also incase of concrete low on sand and fines, stiff consistence or crushed aggregates. Simple tilting of the output pipes enables easy control and cleaning of the concrete conveying path and the gate valve parts.

Pumping Material

Pumpable concrete, within any consistency range down to a water cement ratio of 0.4. Even concrete with aggregate grading up to 40mm can be conveyed  trouble  free with the concrete  pump through a 125mm diameter pipe line.

Flat gate valve

The  two flat gate  valves working   independently  have  been especially developed for pumping concrete. Their working system with automatic adjustment permits trouble free pumping even with badly worn parts.

Integrated Control Block 

The hydraulic control system is integrated with in the drive. The compact  control  block  & minimal  hydraulic  lines makes  the equipment reliable & durable.

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