Concrete Batching Plants

World Class Concrete Batching Plants Manufacturer

Schwing Stetter is an organization which is capable of meeting the demand arising in infrastructure development where concrete is involved. Our presence is very strong in concrete road construction, construction of Dedicated Freight corridors for railways, metro rail construction, high rise construction, hydro-power plant construction, dam construction for irrigation and power and in real estate projects,besides, variety of power projects like thermal, nuclear, solar and gas based. We are strongly present in Windmills. In infra growth, concrete road plays a major part.

concrete batching plant

Concrete Batching Plants in Concrete Road Construction

India has the second largest road network in the World with 43 lakh km of road divided into National highways, State highways, Major district roads, other district roads and village roads. It’s been 72 years of manufacturing Stetter batching plants for all concreting applications including concrete road construction. Our Customers have stood through generations for its long standing quality, efficiency and longevity.Quite many of the landmark projects in India like Rajiv Gandhi Sea link, Yamuna Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Bogibeel bridge, Dhola- Sadiya Bridge, Vallarpadam Bridge have been built using Schwing Stetter India equipment. With four manufacturing facilities in Chennai, the company has the biggest manufacturing facility for batching plants in South Asia.

We at Schwing Stetter India manufacture concrete batching plants for concrete road construction and supply GOMACO pavers and XCMG graders to pave and grade these roads. Our concrete truck mixers and truck mounted concrete boom pumps also play an important role in transporting and pouring concrete.

Batching Plant

Batching plants are machines which mix the different ingredients of concrete homogenously to produce a perfect mix of concrete. Schwing Stetter India manufactures a wide range of batching plants that can be broadly classified with respect to their design, batch size, material storage (Aggregate Storage), and mixer technology. Schwing Stetter India analyses each customer’s requirement and guides the customer to opt for that batching plant which would suffice his needs of concreting, from the wide range available.

There are four different types of batching plants that are manufactured by Schwing Stetter India, which include

  • Wheel-Trailer / Truck Mounted
  • Compact Plants
  • Mobile Plants
  • Horizontal Plants
truck mounted batching plant

Wheel-Trailer / Truck Mounted

The On-Wheels concept has been introduced by Schwing Stetter India, keeping in mind the easy transportability of the batching plant between sites. This design is available in the 18 m3 segment, which is also known as the ‘CP18 on Wheels’ which can be a trailer or a truck-mounted batching plant.

There are four different types of batching plants that are manufactured by Schwing Stetter India, which include

compact batching plant

Compact Plants

The compact plants in 30 m3 category is designed as such that the customer move it from one place to another. So, for this purpose, we have designed the compact plant CP 30 in a containerized format. Even a customer can ship it out of the country easily in a 40 ft container. So, it reduces the tremendous cost on transportation. Besides, the customer can re-erect the plant in a quick fashion. The compact plants are design houses which includes the Model CP30 (30 m3 productivity rate) and CP45 (45 m3 productivity rate). These plants are available in star, compartment and in-line Silo configurations.

mobile batching plant

Mobile Plants

Mobile plants are for those customers who would like to move the plant from project to project quickly. A lot of cost is involved in the construction of foundation and other infrastructure. Mobile plants keeps such cost in the minimum and is ideally suited for road construction. The Mobile Plants are known for their easy assembly and erection at the site like the M1, M1.25, M2.25, M2.5, M21Z and M30Z. Wherever construction sites have to be supplied for any length of time with larger quantities of high-quality concrete, mobile mixing plants from Schwing Stetter India are ideal.

It does not matter whether they are used for the construction of traffic routes, dams, landfills or airports, the M series plants have been designed to handle the task. They can be quickly moved, transported on low-bed semitrailers and quickly set up again, thanks to the fully installed, pre-assembled compact units. The current development status of the mobile plant benefits from our vast experience worldwide.

horizontal batching plant

Horizontal Plants

Horizontal plants are for customers who would like to stay in a particular location for a long period of time like dam construction, for ready-mix. Stetter horizontal concrete mixing plants H1N, H1.25N, H2N, H3N, H4N, H5 and H6 incorporate the experience of over 72 years in mixing plant technology. Depending on the requirements, the HN-type series is equipped with a pan mixer or a twin-shaft mixer.

While designing the plant, high importance was attached to the access, thereby facilitating maintenance. In addition, the generously dimensioned space allows this plant to be offered in a wide variety which can be taken from a modular system. H 5 & H6 plants are for mass requirements and can be suited to individual’s demands by adapting the design accordingly.


Plants made by Schwing Stetter India have an output varying between 18-240 m3 per hour.

aggregate storage plant

Aggregate Storage

Schwing Stetter batching plants store aggregates in three different ways

  • Compartment
  • In-line Silo
  • Star / Partition walls

With respect to the availability of space on the site the customer can chose the storage option. Schwing Stetter India offers compartment type storage in all the compact and mobile plants and the star type storage is available in the 30 m3 segment. The in line silo/bin storage is available in selected models of compact plants and in all models of horizontal plants.

concrete mixer

Mixer Technology

The objective of any concrete production is a homogenous mix of concrete, in the absence of which a series of problems will be faced by the end users of concrete. There are two mixer technologies which help achieve this homogeneity, which are

  • Pan mixer
  • Twin – Shaft Mixer

The turbo pan mixer used by Schwing Stetter India is famous for the mixing quality thanks to its gearbox driven arms while the Twin-shaft mixer is preferred wherever vast quantities of concrete are to be produced.

It is also important to understand that all these plants are operated using control systems which range from Semi-Automatic (MCI35) to Fully Automatic (MCI360). The state of the art technology of the batching plants and their reliable quality has helped Schwing Stetter India earn its place as the Leader in the Ready Mix Concrete equipment Industry.

concrete mixer plant


From residential, roads, dams, bridges, canals to nuclear projects Schwing Stetter India equipments have widespread applications and are called the first and the best choice of the RMC industry. These equipment have played a vital role in the fabrication of precast barriers for Metro Rail and Airport Projects across the country. Schwing Stetter India batching plants also produce temperature controlled concrete for nuclear power plant applications.

portable batching plant


Schwing Stetter India has proved its mettle amongst all odds by making and holding records in the industry. The company holds the All India Record for Maximum Pavement Quality Production in one day of 5050 m3 of concrete at Dankaur where the Yamuna Express way is under construction. Schwing Stetter India also clinched the record in Dam Concrete production with 6020 m3 of concrete at Subansri. Schwing Stetter India created a benchmark recently at the Statue of Unity, when a mass pour of 4354m3 concrete pour got completed, once constructed will be the world’s tallest statue ever built in the history.

onsite batching plant

Schwing Stetter Service Department

The road construction opened up job sites in Central and North India.Therefore, Schwing Stetter immediately reorganized their service network in such a way, that all Stetter plants for road construction are within 200 kms of our service points and for the road infrastructure, we have increased our service by 20% and currently, we have a team of 300 service engineers across the length and breadth of the country.

Number of plants sold for National highway concrete roads is around 107. With service and spares support across the country and a customer centric manufacturing facility, Schwing Stetter India’s Mission and vision is Customer Satisfaction. A customized solution provider and a brand known for high quality and prompt after sales support, Schwing Stetter India has been rated as the best take in the market for providing solutions, pertaining to the Concreting Industry.