Batching Plants Mobile Plants - M 21Z / M30Z

Batching Plants Mobile Plants – M 21Z / M30Z

SCHWING Stetter group of companies found in 1930's,main manufacture mechanized concrete construction equipment . Today SCHWING Stetter is the world's pioneering manufacturer of concrete construction equipment such as Concrete Batching Plant , Concrete Pump & Concrete Truck Mixer.The Group has Manufacturing bases in 11 countries viz., Germany, USA, Austria, Brazil, India, China, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, France and Czech Republic. It has sales and service support offices in almost all the countries and enjoys an enviable market share.

Wherever construction sites have to be supplied for any length of time with larger quantities of high-quality concrete, mobile mixing plants from Stetter are ideal. It does not matter whether they are used for the construction of traffic routes, dams, landfills or airports, the M series plants have been designed to handle the task. They can be quickly moved, transported on high-bed trailers and quickly set up again, thanks to the fully installed, pre-assembled compact units. The current development status of the Mobile plant benefits from our vast experience worldwide. The M21-Z and M30-Z plants are equipped with Pan mixer and achieves a productive capacity of approx. 21 and 30 cum compacted concrete per hour respectively.


Pan mixers allow you to produce quality concrete of all consistencies within a short mixing time and with low energy input, as they mix intensively with short mixing paths both horizontally and vertically. The spring mounted mixing arms are protected against wear by means of polyurethane sleeves. The mixing trough is lined with a replaceable inner wall, outer wall and floor wearing plates.
The cover of the mixer can be opened up to 50% during cleaning and maintenance work. The mixer can be emptied simply via the slide or trapdoor.



No matter which plant you opt for: these are the advantages you receive, thanks to the modular system of the Stetter mobile mixing plant.
Fast assembly and disassembly.
Easily accessible.
Compact and easy to maintain.
Economical, reliable, perfect.
Optional mounting of an ice weigher in M30-Z only.
Optional mounting of a powder weigher in M30-Z only
Easy Assembly for Better Efficiency

The plant is delivered to the construction site on a high bed trailer. Only a mobile crane is required for the erection. The plant components with hinged joints are set up with a crane, positioned and mounted without requiring any welding. The pivoted upper part is then brought into the final position. The support of the upper part is firmly attached to the foundation with locking bolts.

Control System:

M21-Z batching plant comes with an option of MCI 55 control unit and M30-Z batching plant comes with an option of MCI 70 version 3.1 control unit.

Additive Weigher:

On request, we will equip our mixers with single chamber additive weigher in M21-Z and two chamber additive weigher in M30-Z mixing plant.

Water Weigher:

The dosing of the mixing water is achieved automatically by means of a weighing system. The water system is designed so that you can use fresh water, recycled water or hot water without difficulty.

Ice Weigher:

The ice weigher is used for the weighing of flake ice. At the bottom the side walls are sloped outwards which ensures the complete discharge of the container. This option is available in M30-mixing plant only.

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